Friday, October 2, 2009

50 in 500 -- #1 Done!

Remember this post? I decided it was time for an update because #1 is done. :)

1. Buy a House.

After 7 months of house hunting, I found a charming 1950s ranch. My family and I are currently working hard to bring it back to life since it was a little bit stuck somewhere between 1948 and 2009.

One of my favorite parts about the house is the huge porch. Come on by, we can sit out there together. :)

The kitchen had not beeen changed since the house was built in 1948 -- yes that stove is from 1948. I was hoping to keep the stove, unfortunately it is not in working condition and doesn't fit a cookie sheet. Thanks to the wonderful world of Craigslist, though, I now have a wall oven and gas cooktop to put in!

Don't worry, cleaning up the landscaping is on my to do list.

Oh, and for #7 - Go on a mission trip ..... I leave for Nepal in ONE WEEK, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I promise there will be all kinds of photos when I return!

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